Al-Mehaniah Tower / Khalda ,Amman-jordan


Restoration of Al Wakrah Historical Fort

Name : Restoration of Al Wakrah Historical Fort

The value of Wakrah is incalculable both culturally and economically. The Al Wakrah Historical fort, built hundreds of years ago, is a historic palimpsest preserving the heritage, culture and tradition of Qatar. It encompasses multiple usage buildings such as storage, cafeteria, Majlis and some galleries, within the demolished boundaries.
The project team takes the opportunity of the cultural and civic relevance of the Wakrah fort, to create sustainable ethical place, projecting valuable architecture and memory of old fabric. The Historic photos, account of resident elders as well as the unearthed foundations of the discovered ruins, were taken as the base by our team to preserve and revive the traditional urban fortification. A part of the transformation comprises of the reuse and reprogramming of the structures in cultural hubs like museums, galleries, cafeterias etc. preserving the concept of Majlis at a holistic level

Client: Private Engineering Office

Built Area    2463.83m2

Type    Mixed use

Status    Completed

Brief    Old fort Gates, Towers, Stone buildings, Mosque, Habs.

Services  : Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, MEP Specifications & BOQs