Al-Mehaniah Tower / Khalda ,Amman-jordan




Umm Slal stands on the old North Road 20 km from Doha. The fortress, named after its founder, is distinguished by its high tower.
The village has emerged as an area of civic and historic importance from ancient times, with many farms and a big lake storing water.Um Salal has retained complete urban settlement with houses and palaces, in general shape and design, resembling a fortification.
The team of designers ambition to preserve and revive the traditional urban settlement with relevance to artistic significance, has succeeded. Care has been given to maintain the originality of the buildings, without the introduction of alien ideas. Features like courtyards and the door swings are retained. The authenticity of the spaces has been retained by replacement of distinctive materials, features, finishes and construction techniques, with original traditional materials. The preservation of cultural identity has been placed in forefront.

Client: Private Engineering

OfficeSite Area: 312000  m2

Type: Mixed use

Status: In progress

Brief: Resort 5 stars, Historical Plaza, Pond, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Park, Accommodation.

Services: Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, MEP Specifications & BOQs